How to burn chest fat?

A lot of people ask a question about how to burn chest fat ?how to burn chest fat

When you are a man, having too much chest is humiliating in some cases. A fat chest has the same appearance as the breasts. The appearances desired by many men are muscular and flat pectorals so how to burn chest fat ?.

To burn chest fat, there is no secret. We must lose weight and losing fat. The fat is distributed over the entire body, and it is not possible to lose only the chest. To burn chest fat, we must lose weight globally on the entire body.


Have you ever seen an obese with shapely abs or thin legs? It does not exist. In fact, it is impossible to target fat loss. If you have chest fat, it’s because there is fat on your entire body.

To lose your chest, you must first change your diet. Changing the way of eating can lose weight. And when you will lose weight, you will lose your chest slowly
No need to extreme dieting or change all your eating habits overnight. To lose weight you only have to gradually change bad eating habits into new habits.

Examples of good habits to take:

  1. Stop refills during meals.
  2. Do not drink sodas during meals.
  3. Avoid alcohol (drink little and socially).
  4. Eating fewer carbohydrates – pasta / rice / bread / semolina.
  5. Take a breakfast every day.
  6. Eat some more vegetables and meat.

Seek first to be regular. If you can take 1 or 2 good habits every week, you will have changed completely how you eat in less than a month and a half. And you will lose weight quickly.

Doing sports regularly
If you do not practice sports, consider registering in a gym (also called weight room) to work your muscles and burn energy. Strength training is, as its name suggests, a sport that helps build muscle – and it is a more effective!

Strength training practiced properly and regularly it will give you good results. But it is not to everyone’s taste, and if you do not like practice it, then you rather turn to another sport.
Here is a list of popular sports:

  • football
  • tennis
  • Martial arts (judo, karate, boxing, taekwondo)
  • Basketball
  • ┬áhandball
  • rugby
  • golf

Choose a sport that you like and practice it regularly. As for food, it is necessary to be regular to see an effect in the long term. Go regularly in your club to train your muscles and your body.

Finally, be aware that only targeted exercises on the chest will not be effective to burn chest fat. You can’t burn fat only in one place on the body.


Save motivation
Weight loss is difficult, and if there is a reason that prevents successfully lose weight, it’s motivation. In the beginning of a weight loss we are very motivated and we want to do much, right away, to finish quickly with excess weight.

We now know motivation runs out quickly. To lose weight, we must be careful not to overdo it, failing to exhaust his motivation in a few days. Go slowly and gradually. Make regular efforts, without forcing, and you listen.

At the end of each day, write your physical and mental condition (feeling weak, exhaustion or, conversely, very motivated and in shape). Every weekend, take stock of the past week, and evaluate your progress.

If your weight loss is stagnating or becomes increasingly difficult, it can be helpful to take 1 week off and then start over again. Sometimes you can give your body time to rest, and then allow it to continue lose weight.

Always remember that weight loss is slow (about 3 to 4 kg per month). Focus on a goal on the long term, and follow your progress very closely to know if you are still on the right slope.

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how to burn chest fathow to burn chest fat

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