how to lose weight without losing boobs

Women who are dieting are often faced with a problem: How to lose weight without losing boobs ? This applies to all women, particularly those who have a small chest and who do not wish to be without no forms after successfully getting rid of extra weight. Wanting to refine while preserving parts of the body is not easy task. However, several tricks are used to prevent burning his chest when undertaking to follow a diet program.

how to lose weight without losing boobs



  1. To avoid losing breast, do not lose weight fast
  2. Losing weight after quitting smoking to avoid losing your boobs
  3. The massage of the breast: a method for any given dieting
  4. The Nutcracker: an easy technique to firm her chest during weight loss
  5. Take effective natural supplements for breast firming
  6. Use firming creams for breast
  7. Inflate your chest with remodeling system BRAVA
  8. Enhance your chest by doing exercises
  9. Avoid bouncing your boobs when you’re exercising to lose weight

To avoid losing boobs, do not lose weight fast

A part of the fat that composes the breast is under the skin so that it forms a cushion which supports the breasts. Thus, when this layer undergoes abrupt changes, it thickens and thins quickly, this will relax the skin and may cause sagging of the breast. It is therefore crucial not to follow a method that makes you lose weight too quickly in order to expose as little as possible to the yo-yo effect. It is advisable to choose a diet that leads to a slow and steady weight loss.

Losing weight after quitting smoking to avoid losing your boobs

It is well known that smoking shows facial wrinkles faster. Similarly, the cigarette can lead to a deterioration of the breast skin. Smoking is considered a major reason in sagging breasts.

Smoking can damage one of the proteins of the skin that is situated around the breast called elastin. It is this protein that gives the breast its elasticity and firmness. Any aggressive substance that interferes with the proper development of this protein necessarily will impact your bust. Wanting to lose weight without losing boobs should motivate you to quit smoking.

how to lose weight without losing boobs

The massage of the boobs: a method for any given dieting

One way to tone and firm your chest is massage. By carefully massaging your breast, you will increase the blood flow in this region of the body and also will stimulate the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone that causes enlargement of the breast mammary gland. A woman nursing a baby for example, has a generous bust for the same reasons, the massage is in this case replaced by sucking baby.

An excellent massage to firm the boobs: the Taoist massage

Warm your hands by rubbing your palms against each other to produce energy. Then begin a slow massage by sliding your hands down from the outside (on the side) while going back and circling inside the chest.

Keep a soft and constant pressure. Repeat several times the movement for a few minutes. Practicing this technique two times a day will give you firmer breasts. The ideal is to do upon waking and before bed.

 The Nutcracker: an easy technique for who asking how to lose      weight without losing boobs

A good way to easily boost your chest is to practice the technique of the Nutcracker. Just put yourself in the position of a Buddhist monk praying with hands against each other in the torso. Imagine that in the middle of your two palms is a nut that you would like good break by pressing very strong your hands. Apply pressure for about ten seconds then release you. After a slight interval, repeat and repeat this 5 times.

This is a very simple technique to make and practice because you can do it anywhere and anytime. This position is ideal for relaxing especially if you do it by closing his eyes. Relax and relieve stress is also important when you want to lose weight. You will give your chest a solid structure and will prevent it from collapsing during your looking for thinness.

Take effective natural supplements for boobs firming

When you make a diet it is often advisable to take natural supplements to compensate any deficiencies caused by the regime. This is the same logic that you can compensate for sagging chest. These natural supplements can help improve your breast size by stimulating hormones that have an effect on the skin and allow breast tissue density and promote cell renewal.

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Use firming creams to lose weight without losing boobs 

When we diet, we lose fat from different parts of the body including the chest. The problem is not really the fact that your breasts will shrink a little in size but more the fact that it may sag. The skin was taut when you had a few kilos more, finds himself dangling after a major weight loss. To prevent your breasts sag, you can enhance using firming creams that have a bust lifting effect through ingredient that can restructure the tissues and “tighten” the skin for better support. Some of these natural ingredients:

  • The extract of oats – contains firming agents
  • Ceramides – softening and restores radiance to the skin extract
  • Cocoa butter – firming
  • Soya peptides – strengthen the internal structure of the skin

Inflate your chest with remodeling system BRAVA

The Brava pump is a different technology for breast enlargement. This is a suction bra powered by batteries that can reach the breast tissue of a woman naturally. The system is based on the principle that tissue is toned and strengthened when stimulated by an electric voltage.

This system is intended to be worn 10 hours per day for at least 10 consecutive weeks. The advantage of this system is that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, at work, at home … Many women tested its effectiveness, however, we must be patient because it is not a quick solution for women looking how to lose weight without losing boobs .

Enhance your chest by doing exercises

Chest in itself contains no muscles, that said, the pectorals which are located just behind have a key role in its maintenance. When looking at how to lose weight without losing boobs , it is important to develop the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor as doing some exercises.
Here are 2 exercises that are particularly effective:

  • Pumps for women looking for how to lose weight without losing boobs 

It is well known, do push-ups is one of the best exercises for pectoral muscles. It is an exercise that normally is more appropriate for men and women but a little trick will allow you to do push-ups and let you work your chest, it’s simply not do them on tiptoe but being supported on the knees. More your knees will be back, you’ll work more. However, it should keep the back straight and shoulders aligned.

  • Standing for women looking for how to lose weight without losing boobs 

Take your dumbbells or water bottles by standing with your back straight. Bend your arms at the elbow to make a right angle. Your arms facing to each other. Bend slightly on your thighs. Gently pull up your dumbbells toward your shoulders, mark two seconds then raise your stop well dumbbells above you. Let the dumbbells back down each side of your body by making a half circle and with arms outstretched. Make 5 sets of 10 every day.

Avoid bouncing your boobs when you’re exercising to lose weight

When you do sport to lose weight, it is very important to have a bra fit to keep your boobs to prevent it falling once you have lost your excess weight. Indeed, when short, the chest can move in three dimensions by an 8. This can stretch the ligaments and destroy connective tissue. You can also limit the intensity of jogging for example, or slightly reduce the duration of your sport to limit the effects of collapse of the boobs. If a bra for sports does not prevent your breasts from bouncing, then choose a sport that has avoided the shocks. A brisk walk will be just as effective as a slow jog.

you can find others ways to lose weight naturally in our website and if you have any question about how to lose weight without losing boobs just write it in a comment and we will answer you certainly.

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