Laxatives for weight loss

laxatives for weight lossTo lose weight faster, some people resort to laxatives.
The laxatives for weight loss facilitate the intestinal transit and initially intended to correct the problems of constipation.
Although laxatives to lose weight are readily available, they are intended for occasional use to relieve constipation. If used regularly, the stimulant laxatives such as castor oil may be a real health threat. This is particularly the case when used for weight loss purposes.

The risks of taking laxative to lose weight

The laxatives for weight loss may seem a simple way to shed extra kilos, but that regular use can be harmful for the body. The use of a laxative to lose weight can lead to problems such as dehydration and nutrient deprivation but also exposing the body in the long term, laxatives have some damage to internal organs and even increase the risk of developing cancers.

Unveiling the myth (do laxatives help you lose weight?)

In reality, though laxatives can give the feeling to lose weight, they do not help to lose weight. Most of the absorption of fat and calories occurs in the small intestine, so that the action of laxatives is in the large intestine, where you lose fluids, electrolytes, minerals, fiber and waste. In other words, your body has already absorbed the calories of food before a laxative into action. Any weight lost taking laxatives is just water. This will recover very quickly once you stop the medication.

Dangers of Dehydration

When a person uses a laxative for weight loss, it may become dehydrated. In fact, laxatives drain water that is found in the large intestine, which makes dehydration, a serious risk when abused. Dehydration is very serious and in extreme cases it can be fatal. A person suffering from dehydration can become lethargic, become weak, afraid of heights or be prone to abnormal vision. In an extreme case, an individual can have attacks, suffer kidney damage or even die.

Risk of addiction to medication

The regular use of laxatives in the long term, can also lead to addiction. This addiction has two major consequences which are clusters of toxins in the body and that the body becomes accustomed to the effects of laxatives.
The accumulation of toxins can disrupt the functioning of neurotransmitters, first. On the other hand, when the body gets used to the effects of a product, its action becomes increasingly absent.

Long-term problems

The habitual use of laxatives can erase and irritate mucous alignment of the intestine, making you more susceptible to infections and gastrointestinal diseases that include irritable bowel syndrome. The laxative abuse is also a risk factor for intestinal tumors.
It is also important to know that the use of a laxative for weight loss can also damage internal organs of a person. The colon, for example, can become stretched and lose its ability to function normally, or it may be infected. After a prolonged period of use laxative, colon cancer risk may increase significantly. An individual may even suffer liver damage that may lead to renal failure.

Mental health

Abuse of laxatives for weight control is a sign of an eating disorder. If you use laxatives usually, seek help from your doctor. It is important for physical and psychological consequences of laxative abuse are supported by a professional.

Healthy and natural alternatives to taking laxatives to lose weight

There are several, but we will mention two of them that could be considered better: review his diet and practicing physical effort:

  • In terms of diet, it must be recast his diet by favoring vegetables and protein that are low in fat like fat burning drinks, but also adopting strict eating habits, particularly in terms of managing meal times, or the combination of food.
  • For sport, it must be regular, continuous and progressive. Practice fitness at home is good start. You can add it, daily walking for at least an hour or jogging for about twenty minutes.

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laxatives for weight losslaxatives for weight loss

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